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Stretching is important

Lots of air time and screen time is devoted to the subject of "self care" recently. It's not a bad thing - self care is important so that we don't become depleted of energy, of forward motion. Stretching, in all of it's many forms, is one important piece in the self care puzzle.

One of my dear friends, a lovely young woman with a keen eye who is also a former student, asked me if I would make some more "boho" inspired pieces.

"Boho" inspired? Me? Clean lines, simple structure, rustic and refined me? Bo-ho? My brain was saying "nope, that's not it, thanks but no thanks, oh, that's so not me...." What I found coming out of my mouth was "sure, that would be fun - I'll try something different...."

So, I made a pair of earrings. Okay, not so bad, I thought. I kind of like them. I put a picture on social media. They sold almost immediately. What???

Then, another friend asked if I could make a necklace. Sure..... I'll try. She loved it. Another friend saw a photo of that necklace and asked if I could do one for her. Of course.

And thus was born, the "Boho Bits" collection. Now I've added Boho bits made with Roman-era glass to the original mixed semi-precious gemstones.

All made with a few of my signature touches: real sterling silver, tiny silver ball ornaments, rustic and refined. Swingy, bright, modern with a bit of boho-retro flair. These will get noticed, I can assure you!

When someone asks you, "where did you find that necklace," you can answer, "it was made, one at a time, in this little jewelry studio in northern Michigan, by a woman who needed to stretch her perspective." Stretching is good.

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