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A Blog?

I used to read a lot of blogs. I have an app on my phone that keeps track of the blogs I like to read, so I can quickly catch up on them. I looked at that app each and every day & read several blogs on a regular basis.

But then, Instagram, Facebook, emails..... oh, I don't know, I got out of the habit.

So, why add a blog to my website? Why even think about a blog?

Well, there's this.

This is a collection of jewelry that I didn't introduce here on my website - only on Instagram and Facebook. After several of the pieces sold, I took the rest to my stockist, Redeemed of Manistee.

And then, there's this.

That time in December when I hosted my Facebook live journal making class. I'd like to be able to give you some "tricks that click" and it's hard to do that any place else.

And then there's this.

I think it's fun to look over someone's shoulder and watch them work. See what their ideas are, and how they got to the place where they had that idea in the first place. Then, what did they do? I'd love to give you some insight into how I do what I do.

Well, that seems like a good enough reason as any for me to start a blog here on the Artsy Goods page. I hope you enjoy!

See you next time!

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