"Triple the Fun" earrings

"Triple the Fun" earrings


These are made just like my favorite earrings, but these are big, swingy, and a statement piece.   They go with everything, and look dressed up when I choose to do so, and go great with my jeans and a white t-shirt (my favorite outfit!).

The discs of the earring is silver fused to copper - no two discs ever come out exactly the same - it's always fun to see the pattern that the molten silver makes after it is quenched. Sometimes the disc has golden overtones, sometimes more reddish, sometimes cool silver.

I match discs for balance and color and then put together with sterling silver rings.  I have these hanging from my signature hand made sterling silver earwires.  The end of the ear wires has a tiny silver ball to just add one more bit of whimsy and extra detail.


Because the base of these are copper, the backs are a coppery red.  They have been sealed with a sealing wax and are ready for years of fun.  


These are a statement piece - I guarantee you that people will notice.  Rustic.  Refined.  Not subtle at all and not apologizing about it!


The earrings will hang 3" from the lobe.  The top disc is 3/4" in diameter, and the bottom disc is 1/2" in diameter.  Yes, they're triple the fun!

These earrings will be made to order, and will be similar to the ones shown.  There may be a slight variation, as melting silver is difficult to control!!  That makes it even more fun!!


All of my earrings come gently packaged in my signature hand made cloth pouch, perfect for gifting or for carrying with when you travel. I hope you love your new earrings!

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