Sunshine Polishing Cloth

Sunshine Polishing Cloth


If you've seen me at a show or read my care instructions for your pieces, you'll know that I speak highly of the Sunshine Cloth.  I recommend them to clients all the time, but also add in, "but you should also look for something similar at the Dollar Store."  


Well, those may work ~ these work.  I never go to a show without mine.  It's filthy and it still works like the day I got it out of the tube.  


Please note that this is a small cloth.  (7.5" x 5")  I like it small, because it doesn't need to be huge!  Note the size in the photo.  It is 1 ply, but there is polish on both sides.  This is safe for any of your jewelry, even the metal around pearls.  I love this thing, and decided to start carrying it.  I know you will love it, too!  

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