Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet

Oxidized Sterling Silver Bracelet


This fine silver bracelet features hand fused links and has been oxidized to create a darker tone and depth, and then tumbled for shine and durability.  It is a perfect layering bracelet or makes a statement all on it's own.  The oxidization creates a warmth and depth that I just love ~ a little more rustic, but timeless.  Truly, a classic piece.  


Please note the size from the photograph.  This bracelet is 8.00" in length, and each link is about 3/4" in diameter. 


Every link and the clasp is handmade, so this is a truly one-of-a-kind piece.  You will receive the exact bracelet pictured.  


Each one of my pieces is carefully packaged in a handmade cloth pouch, perfect for gifting or for carrying your treasures with you when you travel.  I hope you love your new bracelet!

  • Care Instructions

    Caring for your new jewelry is easy.  The best way to care for it, is to wear it!!  Jewelry that is worn tarnishes more slowly, so wear and enjoy.

    Should you notice a bit of tarnish, you may use a Sunshine Cloth or any other dry polish cloths.  Please avoid any pastes or liquids when polishing.  If you have a piece with stones, please note that anything liquid or paste may harm the stones or discolor them.  

    If trying to sanitize, sterling silver jewelry may be wiped gently with alcohol.  Avoid rubbing any alcohol on the stones - I can't guarantee the results.  Please also avoid using bleach on sterling silver, as it will turn black.  If it does, a polish with a Sunshine cloth will have it good as new!!