Matte Jasper & Sterling Silver "Classic Stone" Bracelet, Version 1

Matte Jasper & Sterling Silver "Classic Stone" Bracelet, Version 1


This Matte Jasper and Sterling  Bracelet is one of my line of "classic stone bracelets."   I love stone bracelets but have never really liked the idea of elastic bracelets or bracelets that could snap or fall apart.  I wanted a more classic, timeless style.   Thus, I designed "classic stone bracelets" which feature beatiful stones set on sterling silver.  Just as wearable as a stretch bracelet, but a bit more "elevated." 


Lovely matte jasper nuggets  are matched with sterling silver to create an elegant but wearable stone bracelet.  These jasper nuggets are so pretty, with lots of fall colors streaming throughout.  Deep rich hues of maroon, golden, brown, green and even deep dark blue are included.  The clasp and catch are of sterling silver.  The wire wrapping includes my signature ball end wraps, creating one more interesting detail to your bracelet.  


These are rugged bracelets and will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.   I would suggest to avoid swimming while wearing the bracelet, however.  


Please check the photo for the length of the bracelet.  This bracelet is 8 1/4" in length, including the clasp and catch.  The beads are faceted tire which are about 1/4" in diameter, and just under 1/2" in length.  There are a total of seven, all different beads in the bracelet, with a sterling silver leaf  added as a cute dangle - I love bracelets with a little "something extra."    Truly a classic piece to adorn your wrist.  Each piece is one of a kind!


My "classic stone bracelets" pair beautifully with my "inspire word bracelets" to create a stacked look. Check out my other bracelets to create your own signature look!  I think this would look wonderful with my Matt Jasper classic stone bracelet, version 2, available HERE, to create a trendy stacked look.  


All of my jewelry is made, one at a time, in my northern Michigan studio using timeless methods of hand crafting with sterling and stone.   Your new piece comes packaged in a handmade cloth pouch, suitable for gifting. I hope you truly love your new jewelry!!

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  • Care Instructions

    Caring for your new jewelry is easy.  The best way to care for it, is to wear it!!  Jewelry that is worn tarnishes more slowly, so wear and enjoy.

    Should you notice a bit of tarnish, you may use a Sunshine Cloth or any other dry polish cloths.  Please avoid any pastes or liquids when polishing.  If you have a piece with stones, please note that anything liquid or paste may harm the stones or discolor them.  

    If trying to sanitize, sterling silver jewelry may be wiped gently with alcohol.  Avoid rubbing alcohol on the stones - I can't guarantee the results.  Please also avoid using bleach on sterling silver, as it will turn black.  If it does, a polish with a Sunshine cloth will have it good as new!!