RESERVED Leland Blue and Sterling Silver Earrings

RESERVED Leland Blue and Sterling Silver Earrings


THIS LISTING IS RESERVED FOR RITA  D. - please only purchase if you are Rita D. 


These are one of a kind earrings made from Leland Blue Cabochons cut by the amazing Gary Wilson.  The earrings are a timeless style, combining Leland Blue and Sterling Silver.  They hang 1 1/2" from the earlobe, and have my signature tiny silver balls as extra adornment.  True classic style!!  


The story of the Leland Blue Stone is not exactly as alluring as finding one on the beaches in northern Michigan. The Leland Blue Stone is actually slag – a waste product from the smelting process used in the late 1800s by the Leland Lake Superior Iron Company. Leland Blue stones have a very wide range of colors and shapes, the name being a bit misleading. There’s a huge variation in stones, from shades of green, purple, and gray to the more traditional blue stones that are often pitted from air bubbles… however, these imperfections are what can add beauty to the stones – including range in color and overall texture.  Beautiful small Leland Blue rounds are matched with sterling silver to create an elegant but rustic looking stone bracelet. The clasp and catch are of sterling silver.  The sterling silver wire wrapping includes my signature ball end wraps, creating one more interesting detail to your bracelet.


These earrings feature that light blue color of Leland Blue that is so highly sought after and prized.  Everyone will know you are wearing Leland Blue!  There are some grey inclusions that make the stone so very interesting!  The sterling silver bezel has beautiful filigree and an open back for greater view of the lovely stones.  


These earrings would pair beautifully with one of my Leland Blue classic stone bracelets!


These are the exact earrings you will receive.  All of my jewelry comes packaged in a handmade cloth pouch, suitable for gifting.  I hope you truly love your new piece!

  • Care Instructions

    Caring for your new jewelry is easy.  The best way to care for it, is to wear it!!  Jewelry that is worn tarnishes more slowly, so wear and enjoy.

    Should you notice a bit of tarnish, you may use a Sunshine Cloth or any other dry polish cloths.  Please avoid any pastes or liquids when polishing.  If you have a piece with stones, please note that anything liquid or paste may harm the stones or discolor them.  

    If trying to sanitize, sterling silver jewelry may be wiped gently with alcohol.  Avoid rubbing alcohol on the stones - I can't guarantee the results.  Please also avoid using bleach on sterling silver, as it will turn black.  If it does, a polish with a Sunshine cloth will have it good as new!!