"Demure" Earrings

"Demure" Earrings


These earrings are a mix of copper and sterling silver.  


Dangling from the earwire is a small circle of copper, onto which I have melted sterling silver.  The melting of the silver onto the copper binds them together, and the silver "reticulates" or creates hills and valleys ~ texture ~ that is unique on each piece.  


After reticulating the silver onto the copper, I polish the silver to a high shine, leaving the darks in some of the low points to highlight the great texture that is created.  The backs are sealed with a microcrystaline wax, but the red, heated copper is still visible.  Then, they are gently shaped into a bit of a dome to create even more opportunity to capture the light & create movement when worn.  These are just fun and fancy free!


Added to the center of the circle is a small grain of pure sterling silver.  I have added patina, then polished to create a warm, deep hue.  These provide a focal point and  add even more shine and glimmer without adding length or weight.  


Rustic.  Refined.  Subtle.  A bit demure.   


Please note the size in the photograph.  These earrings will hang just a bit longer than 1 1/4" from the earlobe.  The circle is  5/8" in diameter. 


All of my earrings come gently packaged in my signature hand made cloth pouch, perfect for gifting or for carrying with when you travel.  I hope you love your new earrings!